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CrowdRanger helpt om een veilige afstand te bewaren

Naam bedrijf CrowdLED BV
KVK nummer 68556187
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Beschrijving innovatie CrowdRanger is a social distancing wearable device that helps the wearer maintain a safe social distance. It uses state-of-the-art localization technology, sensing when other devices are within a chosen range. The wearers will be alarmed with light, sound and vibration when the safe distance is broken. The devices record the distance and time spent when the safe distance is breached. When the need arises, an administrator can access the data with a provided user-friendly tool.
Bijdrage aan verbetering situatie tijdens coronacrisis. CrowdRanger helps users maintain a safe social distance. It allows the wearers to focus on their work and not their surroundings. With the CrowdRanger employees can come back to work safely. Workforce can fully focus on what they are best at while making sure customers have peace of mind.
Toepasbaarheid voor andere ondernemers. Yes, CrowdRanger is made by CrowdLED to be used by everyone during the pandemic and to help them protect themselves.


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