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Extending the life cycle of fashion

Bedrijfsnaam Otrium
KvK Nummer 63996901
Beschrijving onderneming The fashion industry moves so quickly that countless beautiful items go unsold each season. We partner with brands to showcase the hidden gems from their previous collections, giving them new value in our exclusive online marketplace.
Naam innovatie Extending the life cycle of fashion
Beschrijving innovatie Giving fashion new value outside of seasonal collections.
Website innovatie
Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie By giving fashion new value outside of seasonal collections, we help brands to minimize excess inventory and fashion-forward consumers to shop consciously. We’re creating a more sustainable fashion industry, from the inside out.
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld Our mission is to extend the life cycle of fashion, by creating a curated outlet community where fashion insiders can discover hidden treasures from the brands they love, at irresistible prices.
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel A curated outlet community which focuses on timeless fashion.


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