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Bedrijfsnaam NET2GRID BV
KvK Nummer 54122317
Beschrijving onderneming NET2GRID is one of the leading companies world wide of real-time NILM (non-intrusive load monitoring) services. NET2GRID’s energy insight platform, is reducing energy companies cost to serve while increasing customer engagement and can be critical for developing data-driven solutions for DSOs. Greater energy consumption insights and deeper, more trusting customer relationships translate into upsell activity and reduced churn. We deliver our customers a strategic competitive advantage and address end-customer’s need for insight and actionable control.
1. NET2GRID provides access to high resolution data from almost any kind of meters (legacy meters, smart meters, digital meters or even with DIN-meter options) at 10% of the cost of competing solutions in the market.
2. NET2GRID offers a scalable (vertically and horizontally) cloud-based service delivery platform as a white-label product to collect, analyze and actually convert big energy data into valuable services. While competition simply provides a platform to store data, NET2GRID’s platform is low on AWS stack, enables central SLA monitoring, supports smart-home use cases can be deployed completely within a few days and is extremely robust with an SLA of more than 99.999% over the last years.
3. NET2GRID delivers unique energy analytics services that start from easy and cheap to acquire AMR data and go up to high-freq energy data in the range of kHz resolutions. NILM is the cornerstone on which most of the energy services are built and for 1-10 seconds resolution data we manage to achieve 90% accuracy and 80% NILM coverage outperforming all NILM vendors.

Naam innovatie Ynni
Beschrijving innovatie Legislation is driving electrification with a large renewable contribution in the energy mix
In 2050 our electricity demand will be doubled, mostly delivered by wind and solar.
Expenses will change from operational to capital
Moving the value from day-ahead trade to intra-day trade

Real-time forecasting not only requires real-time data,
historical data is crucial to build reliable data models
The data you don’t collect today, will not be available tomorrow
Waiting to embrace innovative technology is no option
To ensure your relevance tomorrow you need to invest today
This is where we can help.
Over 10 years ago we started working on our solution
and our solution is called YNNI

YNNI is a cloud based solution.
Fully GDPR compliant,
Modular to support growing business partnerships,
and meter and country agnostic.
Website innovatie
Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld Cost effective transition towards sustainable energy capitalizing on the global investments in smart meters.
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel Real time Non Intrusive Load Monitoring.



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