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Bedrijfsnaam EdgeLeap
KvK Nummer 60431962
Beschrijving onderneming EdgeLeap is an Utrecht-based tech company pushing AI technology to its limits to empower innovation strategy of leading businesses worldwide. Established in 2014, we build upon years of experience in helping businesses make strategic decisions based on all available data and information. Driven by tackling our clients greatest challenge: unlocking value hidden in the world's information, we launched our AI information intelligence SaaS platform EdgeFlow in 2018.

Today, EdgeFlow is on a fast track to disrupt information intelligence space. A game changer in its core, EdgeFlow's Insight Scouting Robots bolster innovation of our clients across different markets.
Naam innovatie EdgeFlow
Beschrijving innovatie EdgeFlow: Realtime Insight Scouting Robots

Proudly named the number one platform tackling the “hyperawareness” challenge according to Het Financieele Dagblad (see the link below).

- EdgeFlow is an information intelligence platform, a cloud solution featuring personalized AI robot assitents for surfacing business relevant insights from a continuous stream of the world's information. Bringing together the best of human and AI interaction, EdgeFlow robots augment human intelligence to help businesses to stay agile, aware and make the right strategic decisions.

EdgeFlow benefits the most innovators and strategists that need to know what is the next step for their business to stay competitive.

What is game changing:

- Unique approach introducing a paradigm shift from "search engines" to "finding robots". Whereas the traditional automated information gathering relies on predefined keywords search, EdgeFlow introduces unique AI assistants for AI-driven surfacing of relevant information for your business area of interest. This is essential for finding insights and inspiration beyond what you already know you should be looking for.

- Relevant insights ranked first, so you can stay in the know without information overload.

- Smartly evolving feeds by personally trained robots: 100% tailored to your business, organisation-wide awareness and insights sharing.

EdgeFlow references and user stories (see links below):

- Company website, product page
- Fueling Heineken's Innovation Roadmap
- EdgeFlow coverage in Financieele Dagblad (No FD account? Get the pdf version below.)
- Mooie tool: EdgeFlow - by BEACON;;
Website innovatie
Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie 1. EdgeFlow is an innovation that empowers innovators in very diverse sectors (currently FMCG, manufacturing, insurance and pharmaceutical industry), enabling development of better, healthier, and more sustainable products and services for citizens, patients and consumers.

2. Personally trained Robot-assistants take care for a productivity boost and employee satisfaction by taking over repetitive tasks and freeing employee's valuable time for more rewarding, impact-creating, high level tasks.

*****Background info*******

EdgeFlow’s unique AI-driven information scouting assistants surface insights beyond the predefined searches, acting as continuous hyperawareness and inspiration source. This is essential for innovators and strategists that need to know what is the next step for their business: Which products or new concepts need to be brought to light to stay competitive? EdgeFlow enables leading companies to get inspired and make strategic moves with confidence.

EdgeFlow platform makes it easy for everyone from specialists to executives to train their own AI models and create smart, 100% tailored streams of insights for their business areas. One platform, seamlessly scaling across all business units for organisation-wide awareness and insights sharing, it boosts collaboration and innovative capacity of organisations as a whole. Because it allows 100% tailored content, EdgeFlow serves multiple sectors, currently covering FMCG, manufacturing, insurance, and pharmaceutical industry.
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld (See also previous section)

- Innovation for better world:
Many of EdgeFlow robots scout 24/7 for innovative concepts that help develop healthier and more sustainable products (e.g. business areas "Clean and Green", "Duurzaam wonen" etc.). Having clients in multiple sectors, EdgeFlow contribution propagates to many different aspects of improved society, life and planet, from food producers, to packaging manufacturers to healthcare specialists.

- Stimulating "Future of Work" concept:
EdgeFlow AI assistants augment human efforts and help in execution of tasks. Organisations adopting this concept experience following benefits:
- Time saving
- Less effort to stay in the know
- Increased employee satisfaction
- Employer branding
- Onboarding efficiency

In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel EdgeFlow is a 100% disruptive concept in information intelligence space, see above "What is game changing" (under "Beschrijving innovatie").


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