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Bedrijfsnaam RelieVR BV
KvK Nummer 74239678
Beschrijving onderneming Gaming en Health
Naam innovatie RelieVR
Beschrijving innovatie RelieVR is the first serious game especially designed for patients to help manage their chronic pain as well as educate them on how pain originates. By providing this unique combination of gaming and education, patients are more able to manage their chronic pain, even after the game has ended.
Through amazing visual graphics, patients will go on a journey through their body and they can be emerged within the experience virtual reality offers. By playing different games, patients learn different techniques that they can use to manage their chronic pain.
The goal is to control pain through education. Added bonus: it is fun to play!
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Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie What we’ve noticed, is that patients improve greatly as we educate them about chronic pain, and when we teach them a couple of tools to handle their pain better.
Despite our international guidelines on chronic pain prescribing education and pain management techniques as first choice interventions, reality is that less than 7 percent of patients receives this treatment. In comparison, an average of 70 percent receives medication for chronic pain. A huge lack in knowledge, co design, the ability to listen to the pain of the patient and access to proper pain training makes for this big gap.

This is why we've developed RelieVR. A virtual reality serious game, that gives patients an interactive journey through the nervous system. During this journey, they learn about their own pain and actively learn strategies to cope with their pain better. This way, they're teaching their brains to perceive the pain differently - so the effects carry on after they stop playing. RelieVR is scalable, so we will finally have the capacity to offer our patients this therapy. And we’ve made it fun and engaging.
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld RelieVR is in beta and available at multiple Dutch partners for R&D. We've collaborated with chronic pain patients to guide us in the design and development of RelieVR, using principles of design research. They guided us in to creating a therapy that actually answers their most important question: how does pain work and how do I take control over pain in my daily life.
This resulted in an intervention not focused solely on distraction or relaxation. RelieVR integrates modern pain theory with evidence based psychological exercises, redesigned in the context of serious gaming.
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel We’ve tracked 556 RelieVR sessions so far, and in 78% of the cases, patients experienced a significant decrease in their pain, even when controlling for distraction - without any side effects mentioned so far. But more importantly is the increase of quality of life and reduction of medication. Patients felt more in control about their pain and had a significant increase in pain knowledge. It is time we acknowledge pain is not only a sensory, but also an emotional problem that can and needs to be addressed if we co create.


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