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Envision AI

Bedrijfsnaam Envision Technologies
KvK Nummer 69833214
Beschrijving onderneming Envision spreekt de visuele wereld uit voor blinde en slechtziende gebruikers. Het leest teksten in meerdere talen, herkent gezichten en objecten en beschrijft scènes rond een persoon.

Met Envision kunnen slechtziende gebruikers winkelen in supermarkten, gebruikmaken van het openbaar vervoer, menukaarten lezen in restaurants, hun vrienden herkennen, hun spullen vinden en nog veel meer, helemaal aleen.
Naam innovatie Envision AI
Beschrijving innovatie Envision AI is a smartphone app speaks out the visual world for the blind and low-vision users. It combines the best of assistive technology and artificial intelligence to bring the experience of independence to the visually impaired.

It is available on both iOS and Android, and is capable of reading text in more than 60 languages, recognising faces, finding objects, detecting colors and more. With Envision, visually impaired users can shop in a supermarket, use public transport, order from a menu at a restaurant and so much more, all on their own.
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Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie Envision empowers all the visually impaired people to be more independent and productive members of society. This feeling of independence has a huge impact on their mental well being, encouraging them to go out and do more.

This results in more employment opportunities for the visually impaired people, who can now use this new found independence to apply for jobs they previously could not do.

This also reduces the burden on the surrounding infrastructure to make their visual information accessible, as the visually impaired people now have the tool access them.
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld Envision provides equality of access to information for all. When everyone has equal access to information, they also have equal access to opportunity.
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel Envision is the only app in the market to integrate this wide range of visual recognition tools and design it for ease of use by visually impaired people. It is the only service that can read in over 60 languages and is fully localised in over 20 languages. It's AI recognition tools are some of the fastest and most accurate in the market.


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