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biobased natural materials/circular economy

Bedrijfsnaam EGGXPERT BV
KvK Nummer 70145202
Beschrijving onderneming EGGXPERT B.V. was founded on 23 November 2017, Maastricht. It is an innovative start-up company associated in Brightlands ecosystem, which located in Brightlands Chemlot Campus and facilitated by Brightlands Innovation Factory. The mission of EGGXPERT is to provide sustainable solutions for current eggshell waste stream, which is the non-value or low value biowaste from egg industries. EGGXPERT’s first project is focusing on the protein-rich membrane part that attached in the inner side of eggshells. The product development line was designed into skin care sector, such as facial mask, facial cream, serum and lotion, etc. These ideas were inspired by a combination of traditional Chinese medicine custom, scientific research proofs and big trending in bio-based skin care products.
Naam innovatie Biobased natural materials/circular economy
Beschrijving innovatie Given protection in beginning of life from an embryo, eggshell membrane (ESM) is associated with unique function in a life birth. ESM appears as a remedy for anti-aging and wound healing in ancient China. Scientifically, the unique composition of collagen, hyaluronic acid and various growth factors provide ESM with functions of skin elasticity and regeneration. However, the value of ESM has not been widely recognized and was regarded as bio-waste in Europe. Only few companies are developing commercial products from ESM and the utilization efficiency of ESM in these products are very low (<10%).
Therefore, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, scientific data and insufficient membranes management, EGGXPERT is initiating an innovative project of developing ESM into skin and health care products by employment of scientific researchers and advanced technologies. EGGXPERT would start from skin care application because of quicker market entry comparing to healthcare and biomedical products. In our feasibility study, we are aiming to regenerate a fabric-like 100% ESM-based sheet mask for facial skin care. We believe our solution will save egg farmers at least €10,000 per company (medium size) per year and further bring high value from their waste stream. We believe our unique selling point (USP) of being world’s first 100% egg membrane-based natural product will serve consumers with the most care.
Website innovatie
Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie We learned that only in the Netherlands, every day, there are 5 million eggs were traded and ~ 180 tons of eggshell waste being generated. In the year of 2017, for EU countries alone, the amount of eggshell wastes reached ~10,000,000 tons. According to EU legislation, it is not allowed to discard eggshell waste without post-treament. Therefore, to systematically collect and dispose the waste by national authorities, it is very costly and can be a huge financial burden, especially for those small/medium size companies. Currently, the industry has recognized the value of eggshell and developed it into high-quality commercialized fertilizers. However, the value of eggshell membranes has not been revealed yet. The manufacturers always remove the membranes from the shells during fertilizer production, because the protein-rich membranes will rot quickly and lease harmful compounds/gases to the environment. As a result, eggshell membranes become the only waste in egg industry. Though some companies have developed it into health care products, the utilization efficiency is very low (<10%) as they only extract the functional compounds from eggshell membranes. An efficient and innovative waste management for eggshell membranes is waiting to be created.
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it has been recorded that eggshell membranes have great functions in skin caring, wound healing and tissue regeneration. The trick of using eggshell membranes as home-made mask is widely recognized and trusted among Chinese people. By peeling the membranes and placing it on the face, they use eggshell membranes to remove the dirt, shrink the pores and whiten the skin. People also feel safer and more willing to use this kind of egg membranes because it is all from nature resources without any additives.
Inspired by combination of insufficient membranes management and traditional Chinese medicine wisdom, EGGXPERT would like to initiate this innovative project of developing raw eggshell membranes into skin care products by employment of scientific researchers and advanced technologies. We dedicate to bring more scientific and economic impact from eggshell membranes. EGGXPERT would start from an application that towards market sooner, which is the cosmetic industry.
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel From EGGXPERT’s vision, we are dedicating in: I) Developing a world-first cosmetic product which combining traditional medicine and advanced technologies, together with European cosmetic legislation control: All the raw materials suppliers, R&D and production will be managed in Europe, while the market will be in NL, EU and China. The reason is: comparing to European cosmetic brands, our product is based on traditional medicine, which is more adapted to oriental lifestyle. On the other hand, competed with Chinese brands, the quality is guaranteed by European cosmetic regulations, which is favorable for Asian customers. II) Researching a world-first project focusing on reconstruction of 100% ESM native microstructure: EGGXPERT will focus on reconstruction of native microstructure of ESM by using advanced processing technology. As a result, the whole processing technique will be further optimized. Patents will be generated. III) Developing a 100% biobased product: Because of qualities such as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial of ESM, no additional chemicals like preservatives need to be added into the mask. More importantly, EGGXPERT looks further on environmental concerns like packaging, logistics, which will take heart in designing 100% biobased product. IV) Scientific proof of the functions that claimed from cosmetics industry: To the date, almost no cosmetic industries are willing to explore the scientific proof of claimed functions due to facility limitation or cost reasons. EGGXPERT is founded by two scientific-backgrounds initiators that work in biomass application and regenerative medicine. EGGXPERT will procure eggshells from Dutch egg processors saving them minimum €100,000 per company (medium size) annually. Through preliminary contacts with several egg farm owners, such as Johan Stuiver (Frisian Egg B.V.) and Wiel van Gemert (Egga Food B.V.), these poultry farms are passionate to be EGGXPERT’s suppliers and provide free raw materials for our R&D work. To customers, EGGXPERT will bring a revolution in facial mask by bringing 100% biobased facial mask for skin care.



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