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Bedrijfsnaam Bizboard
KvK Nummer 34296056
Beschrijving onderneming
van origine app developer . Verworden tot premium digital production agency. In transitie naar accelerator van business en technologie voor de wereldwijde markt.
Naam innovatie Arva
Beschrijving innovatie Problem we solve
Accelerators lack digital creation powers, execution partners are busy, SMBs are sceptic and scared about custom (distinquisble) digital productions. Mature software vendors have trouble modernizing their software stacks. We are seeing speed, quality and capability issues on a large scale in the world of digital transformation. (software is eating the world).

Arva is the solution
We close the gap between design and coding and thus optimise development velocity in the ever growing digital landscape. Thus preventing a meltdown in the digital transformation era.

Current marketspace of production tooling
We intend to solve the problem people are facing in the digital age of production, which is easier, more accessible and understandble tooling to build digital (visual) productions like Apps. This is a tremendously populated space with 100-10000 players small to big. But legacy, old thinking, and inflexibility has giving space for a new player that will shake them all. New players have a hard time since it's capital intense nature running a development platform.

Nevertheless: digital transformation acceleration is growing and talent is becoming extremely expensive and hard to find. To prevent a meltdown. In growth, there is space for new players. So, we built Arva. Arva adheres industry coding standards and translates modern UX trends into a semantically easy solution for coders to solve the toughest design challenges. And growing into a derivative product suite (low coding studio, and developer marketplace).

Our focus
Here lies the focus of our startup, closing the gaps between design thinking and coding on all levels of production stages. Inspired by open-source, other startups and mature companies that solve a wide range of design challanges like Prototyping, continues integration and distributed source coding in new ways we've brought it all together.

Business model
We provide startup incubators/accelerators this amazing tool, giving them a cost effective solution to thrive development velocity and thus, creating a market for Arva. Multitude of income streams are: Production As a Service (Bizboard), Licenses, Support, Training, various tailored. Our business model is already making money in Amsterdam

The deck:
(future dates vary)

Status: (incubated within Bizboard Feb 2015 from Amsterdam, launched independent entity March 2017 in Copenhagen)
Coding platform is done and mature with a significant track record (selected dutch customers: ABN, Rabobank, IG, AllShare, BeOne) 2,5 years of development. Arva UI core kit 1.0
Research centre in Copenhagen in collaboration with the ITU university.

Various income streams from dutch clients, through Bizboard (Product Accelerator - building your innovative digital experience as a leader)

Bizboard being recognized as Digital Leader in the outsourcing space 2017 (status: unpublished) Fast, Quality, Lean, Enterprise Smartness with Creative taste

Roadmap (see deck)
Freemium (support non-profit and students building)

AR/VR productions ready


Prefab flow market place

Studio for teams
Growing community and interest starting NOW, launching first Studio in 2017, Low-Code Studio Q2 2018.
Website innovatie
Noodzaak en belang van deze innovatie zie beschrijving innovatie. (volledig)
Bijdrage aan een betere wereld
In welke mate is de innovatie nieuw en origineel in zijn soort niet, in zijn uitvoering uniek.


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